2017-2029 Directors and Officers

Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce


Michael Michaelis

Michael generally enjoys being awesome.

  • Golf 50%
  • Being Awesome 80%
  • Window washing 10%

Tom Andresen

Vice President
Tom is a cuddly-type who enjoys fine wine and walks in the park.

  • Motorbiking skills 85%
  • Nun chuck skills 70%
  • Grill skill 50%

Tricia Turner

Tricia can count well, which his helpful.

  • Counting stuff 85%
  • Promptness 70%
  • Coin tossing 50%

Ashley Andresen

Ashley does a great job keeping us in line.

  • Writing skills 80%
  • Field dresssing 30%
  • Filing speed 50%


Striving to make Fanning Springs better!

Your leadership team at the Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce is committed to making Fanning Springs a better place for our businesses, residents, and families. Connect with us and be a part of the excitement!

Patrick Allen

(1 year term)

Robert Shilstone

(2 year term)

Dayna Miller

(3 year term)

Pam Wilson

(1 year term)

Susan Pastore

(2 year term)

Ron Cordes

(3 year term)

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